The Greater Houston Athletic Trainers' Society (established in 1988) is a social, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the communication, continuing education, and organization of the greater Houston Athletic Training community, and to the furtherance, promotion, improvement and enhancement of the Athletic Training profession.

2015 SAT workshop

We had about 1100 STUDENTS at this year's workshop.
Great job and thank you to everyone who helped out.

Huge thanks to Pasadena Memorial Athletic Trainers Kathryn and Stacy for all the work and all your volunteers.

Workshop Evaluation
Please complete this as a professional and have your students who attended the workshop complete it as well.


Hall of Honor

The Hall of Honor was a great success. Thanks to all of those Athletic trainers who have gone before us and all of the ones who worked so hard to put this together.


Upcoming events

Next GHATS Board Meeting:
GHATS Bussiness Meeting at the Annual Workshop

Membership: Sept 1st is the beginning of the new 2014-15 Membership cycle. Dues are due no later than Dec 1st

GHATS members Save lives

Monica Jackson helped save a life by being ready for CPR.
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